Saturday, May 6, 2017

Intermediate Watercolor 5/4/17 FAKE ART!

I'll describe a scene with just a few shapes;
There are two or three large birch trees standing in a clearing beside the dense woods. The woods form a backdrop like a tapestry of several different tones. Some sky is visible above and between the branches of the trees, and some short grass forms the foreground, where the birch trunks emerge from the ground.

Sound familiar?

Compose a scene using these components. Choose colors, values and edges that will create a distinct feeling or mood. What if the birches are darker than the woods? What if you used only two colors? How about texture? Do you want to leave it out altogether? Exaggerate the patterns of the bark? No hard edges? No soft edges?

Make up the relationships between the shapes according to the feeling you want to convey. Serene, spooky, romantic, overcast, bright, surprising.
Would a carnival of colors enhance the feeling of serenity? If I make the trunks orange and the birch leaves blue but I hold on to accuracy of value, will that create an element of surprise?"

Ask yourself, "What choice will support my purpose?"
You're in charge.


  1. You have described the scene very well. It will be helful when i will start painting by follwoing the same scene. Hoping for the good results. Thanks

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