Thursday, January 26, 2017

Intermediate Homework, 1/25/17, Big Changes

In case you didn't bring home an image, and you can't find one online, here are a couple more to consider;

In the top two images there is some space described between the foreground and background, but what if you wanted more? The usual adjustments might do the trick;
Color: Make the background cooler or the foreground warmer.
Value: Compress the range toward middle value in the back ground, or exaggerate the darks and            
             lights in the foreground.
Wetness; Make the background much softer.

What if you made all of these changes? In other words, why not maximize the differences between foreground and background? There may be a good reason why not, but let's have a look. Turn the dials all the way!

The image of the lake has a lovely streak of sunlight on the far shore. What might you do to intensify that light?

If you work from your own image, please bring a print of it so we can see the changes that you made.

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