Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Intermediate Watercolor Homework 1/27/16 Structure

That was an exciting session of watercolor today! Much of what was happening in class came about because you were really tuned in to the basic structure of your chosen images. To review briefly:

Identify the major shapes.
Observe the value relationships between them.
Take the shortest route to a clear and simple realization of the light/middle/dark pattern.

Here are a few simple but powerful examples of value structures

Alvaro castagnet
Ron Bigoney

Andrew Wyeth

All three paintings are built upon a foundation of just a few shapes. Within the stability of that kind of framework there is still plenty of room to allow the paint to flow.

For homework, look for an image that displays the clarity of a strong value pattern. Do a very quick study, giving emphasis to shape and value, with the merest nod toward texture. Below are a couple of possibilities. If you use one you find yourself, please bring the source image along to the next class.

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