Thursday, February 28, 2013

Intermediate Watercolor Homework 2/28/13 The Shadow Shape

When we work from the figure next week, we will have a single light source and a definite shadow pattern, which can simplify the representation of three dimensional form. To get some practice seeing the shadows as a separate layer from the pale first layer shape, try working from photos of figures, such as these, below;

The images are easy to find online. I searched Pre-Columbian sculpture and Greek sculpture. Something tells me these are not the only nudes on the web.

You can try painting the shadow shape alone, to see how much of the presence of the whole figure it carries. Or try being careful with the shadows and carefree with the first layer lights. You can play with hard and soft edges on the shadow shapes. Color temperature contrast. Counterpoint between figure and ground (light behind the dark, dark behind the light). Have fun.

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