Thursday, February 10, 2011

Intermediate Watercolor homework 2/10/11

I can see the benefits of thinking in layers showing in your work. Let's go a step further, and try using this awareness to simplify the image. In the following paintings, the artists have seen a way to refine a complex subject down to a few steps. Choose one of these, or another painting you find that you admire, and copy a section that presents itself to you as a series of layers - the street shadows in Alvaro Castagnet's bridge scene, for example, or the floor in John Yardley's interior.
Then, look for a photo that includes a similar subject, and see if you can apply the same kind of thinking to translate it into paint.
Have fun

Leslie Frontz       Brown-Eyed Beauties

John Yardley

Harbour Bridge, Sydney                   Alvaro Castagnet

Torgeir Schjolberg


  1. Torgeir Schjolberg: I love this painting.

  2. Anita, go to Torgeir's webiste. I haven't heard of him either, but I did and it just blew my mind. Incredible work!

    Ugljesa Janjic