Thursday, November 11, 2010

Watercolor in Oaxaca

Watercolor in Oaxaca
with Tom Hoffmann
March 25-29 in Puerto Escondido
April 3-9 in Oaxaca City

Spend five days painting on the Pacific coast, in Puerto Escondido, or seven days in and around the Capitol City of Oaxaca, or BOTH!

Puerto Escondido is a small fishing town
with a remarkable variety of coastal settings. The beaches vary from calm lagoons to roaring surf, with dramatic rock outcroppings, fishing boats and plenty of palms. Away from the beach, the town provides images of everyday life – shops, the mercado, and neighborhoods full of the bold color, deep shadows and clear light we love to paint.

The colonial city of Oaxaca is a World Heritage Site that is 
one of the truly great cultural centers of the western hemisphere. Be ready to paint at the foot of grand cathedrals, from the rooftops of colonial casitas, in courtyard colonnades, winding alleyways, bustling mercados, Zapotec ruins, and down-to-earth brick factories. We will paint all day, and sometimes into the night, and when we are not painting, we will eat! The food in Oaxaca is irresistible, and the nightlife is inspiring

Tuition:  Puerto Escondido $500     Oaxaca $700         
Combined $1000
Please email Tom for details

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