Thursday, November 11, 2010

Intermediate Watercolor Homework November 11 2010

Changing conditions

Casa Cutural, Oaxaca
This Wednesday felt like the last chance to all go out to paint from life, but who knows? If you get the opportunity this week, try the exercise I demonstrated in class (remember the hilltown?)
Reduce your scene (or photo, if you end up indoors) to three values. Work in monochrome, with a color that can get dark enough to represent black.
Starting with a middle value, paint everything except the very light shapes, which will stay white. You may have to round areas up or down and commit to calling them either white or middle.
Next, paint all the strong darks black.
That’s all. Take note of where you want more subtlety (something between white and middle, for example).
Now expand your palette and paint a picture, using what the study taught you.
Vecinos, Oaxaca
Have fun
Palacia de Carne, Oaxaca

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