Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beginning Watercolor Homework November 11 2010

Seeing abstractly

Many of you took home the photos you were using in class. I’ve attached a couple more that are similarly daunting.
Working from a complex image, move through a layer-by-layer interpretation that progresses from light to dark and from general to complex.
Practice keeping your thinking focused on FORM rather than specific content. Look for pattern, proportion, distribution and shape.
If you find yourself describing subject matter, take a step back, and refocus on abstract aspects of the material.
Stay abstract in your thinking all the way to the darkest little strokes.
Finally, when all the layers are in place, check to see how well the story has been told. Get as far away from the painting as you can (without leaving the room).
Take note of anywhere the page needs more information.

Have fun

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