Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beginning watercolor Homework 11/3/10


What we worked on in class were studies, not paintings. The object of a study is to learn what the painting needs. What does your study tell you?
Try asking yourself about each of the 4 main variables:

Study for Lake Shore in August
Bill Teitsworth
Wetness….            Where do I need hard 
                                 Where do I need soft 

Value……               Are the darks dark enough?
                                 Do I need more than 3 
                                 Have I reserved the lights?

Color………           Does my chosen palette hold 
                                 the picture together?
                                 Am I using too many colors?

Composition…      Do the major shapes separate 
                                 in space?
                                Is the image balanced?

Assess the effectiveness of the illusion of space, light and substance. If it is not sufficiently present, can you see what will enhance it?

When you have a good idea what you want to change, take one more look. What remains challenging? Don’t let yourself go into soft focus about this part. It won’t go away. Practice it until you are confident, then make a painting.

Have fun.

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