Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wednesday Morning Homework, 10/8/14 : Layers

If you missed class today you'll need to find an image that resolves nicely into a series of layers. In the studio, we indulged ourselves by selecting images that look really easy. Hey, why not?

Start with a simple outlining of the major shapes, the ones that need to appear separated in order to see the illusion of space. Adjust their positions as needed to correct any unfortunate convergences.

Block in the first layer for all the shapes before moving on to the second, unless the scene requires more than one layer to be applied while the first one is still wet.

Try to tell the whole story in 4 layers, or fewer.


  1. It is difficult to get anyone to post a comment on this blog. I'll try to come up with something very controversial to see if I can provoke a response...

  2. Tom, is it your intent to have people upload a photo of their work? Ask questions? Or share their experiences? I only did the OSA workshop with you and am not in your regular class, but I do follow what you post.

  3. I also love your blog and would enjoy seeing your students results

  4. It would be great to see what people come up with, and to hear your thoughts about the exercises and the topics.