Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Monday night and Wednesday afternoon Homework 10/6/ 2014 Master Copies

Here are several  copy-worthy watercolors. if you see one you'd like to try, remember, it is the spirit of the painting I'd like you to copy. Ideally, you'll make your strokes in the same manner the artist did at the time. If it looks like the painter made a swift stroke, you make a swift stroke, too. It will not come out looking exactly like the original, but it will be similar in feeling, whereas a very carefully crafted stroke that precisely duplicates the curvature and length and width of the original would probably be too constrained to feel right.
Take some time to imagine how the painting looked before the darks were applied. How about before the middle values went down? Practice anything that looks puzzling until you have a better understanding of the techniques involved.

Rex Brandt
Tom Hoffmann

Hardie Gramatky

Hardie Gramatky

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  1. I love the Rex Brandt. I have tried it but can't quite make it happen. I have lots to learn. I appreciate your blog so much.