Thursday, May 6, 2021

Every.body's Homework May 6th, 2021 Developing Your Style

 The paintings here all feature large areas of trees, both deciduous and coniferous. If you take the time to copy some of them you will see that the artists whose work we're studying were making decisions regarding edges, color, value and complexity. There are some big differences from one painter to the next, and sometimes big changes in one artist's work from day to day. 

You may want just to copy the tree part of these images, which would be fine. Please take the time to understand the sequence of layers. For example, ask yourself what layer number one looked like when it was all there was on the page.

                                                          Ping Long

When do you suppose the trunks and branches arrived?

                                                                George Post

Not much sky. Post devised different patterns for the different kind if trees.

                                                                    Trevor Chamberlain

More soft edges than hard.

Ping Long

                                                Which is darker, the sky or the sunlit foliage?

                                                                 Trevor Chamberlain

Is this a watercolor?

                                                                                George Post

The trees form a partial frame for this subject.

Copying is a potent way to get inside another painter's mind. Take a moment to ask what the job of the trees was from painting to painting. In your copies, try for a version that represents the spirit of the painting rather than the letter. 

Have fun               

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