Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Beginning Watercolor Homework 2/22/17, The Sky

Painting clouds in class today the emphasis was definitely on soft edges, so we experimented with various ways of keeping the paper wet longer. We focused on keeping track of how wet the brush was compared to the paper.

Clouds look very much like watercolor brushstrokes. The transparency and fluidity of the paint is just right for describing weightless shapes, lit from within.

For homework; Watercolor artists are always looking for an opportunity to let the paint flow. This requires giving up immediate control, of course, but with a subject that has a broad range of acceptable results the odds are good that whatever happens on the paper will be fine.
Skies are a wonderfully forgiving subject. As long as we give the paint lots of room to assert its nature, the results are still likely to be in the believable range. If the marks you make are not what you intended, they may be perfectly lovely just the same. Allow for the possibility that they may not need to be rescued. In fact, for this assignment, please do not correct your mistakes.
Just make lots of sky studies, correcting on subsequent versions. You can invent your own skies or take of from one of these photos or paintings.

Trevor Chamberlain

Keep it simple. Be bold with value and subtle with color. Don't correct!

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