Thursday, February 25, 2016

Beginning Watercolor Homework 2/25/16 What kind of edge is called for?George Pos

Pebble Beach, 1942, California art by George Post. HD giclee art prints for sale at - original California paintings, & premium giclee prints for sale
George Post

George Post favored hard edges in his paintings, often even outlining shapes. In this coastal scene he used just a few soft edges. Given his usual preference, it's fair to say he made those edges soft for a reason. What do you think that was? Were his choices made in support of an illusion? Were they effective?

Tan Suz Chiang began his painting with a very general statement, using almost entirely soft edged shapes. Imagine how they looked before he began adding more specific hard edges. What role do those calligraphic hard edges play here? How do you think he decided when he had made enough?

David Taylor

For homework, please copy one of these paintings, or interpret one of the photos, below. Feel free to change the edges you see to better suit your own purposes.

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