Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Intermediate Homework 11/7/12 Life Painting

The moment I look up to see the model's latest pose I am eager to launch into a clear and simple interpretation, but many distractions have arisen by the time the beeper signals "time's up". I dare say most of us get seduced into trying to depict some subtle change of hue from one side of a shadow to another when we're only half way done with the big shapes. I usually end up with a much more complicated image than I intended. But, those disappointing paintings can be useful.
Without the model there to distract you, it should be easier to make a simplified version of the pose using your live work as a starting point. Those shadows, for example, can perhaps be laid down quickly enough to vary color without running into drying issues. And there's much more room to think and breathe with no timer running.
Give it a try. Maybe it will have a positive impact on next week's live session.

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