Thursday, November 1, 2012

Beginning Watercolor: The Paint Itself 11/1/12

Stanislaw Zoladz                                        Lofoten

The illusion of space and light and substance is astonishingly well realized in this elegant composition, but the artist never sacrifices the fluid transparency of the paint. This, to put it bluntly, is the difference between a master and a hack.

This detail reveals the clarity of even the most subtle passages. When all is said and done, the degree of realism is an illusion. It is still nothing but paint on paper, and at some level, the viewer is seeing the paint as paint. It makes sense, therefore, to be sure your paint is worth looking at, regardless of how convincing the illusion.

For homework, go back to the image we studied in class, and paint it with an eye toward displaying the unique qualities of watercolor. A tip: Resist the temptation to correct what you have just done. The range of what works is probably wider than you think.

Have fun

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