Thursday, April 15, 2021

Beginning Watercolor Homework 4/15/2021 Taking Advantage of Opportunities

 Some parts of a watercolor painting require careful attention, others invite a carefree application of the paint. Recognizing in advance which category the part you are about to attempt is can make a big difference in the look and feel of the finished work.

The barn boards in this sketch are splashy and spattered. Very little care had to be taken to get them to feel recognizable as rough boards. As long as the first layer is loosely vertical it will be perfectly fine.
What makes it possible for that first layer mess to turn into a barn? Just a few specific skinny lines applied with a little more care bring meaning to the page.
For homework, make your own barn. Take advantage of seeing in advance what needs to be careful and what can be carefree. Move the openings around. Add a loft. Zoom in or out. Let the hints of color be more obvious. 
What about the trees? Do they need to be carefully stated? Can the paper be wet for them. it's your call.
Have fun.

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