Thursday, February 18, 2021

Beginning Watercolor Homework 2/18/21 Negative Painting

 Unfortunate name. It's the shorthand way to describe the process of surrounding shapes with noticeably different paint, such as darker  or different in hue. You know, negative painting.

The roof of the barn, above, comes into existence by means of being surrounded by much darker shapes; the mountain, the firs, the barn, 

If you can anticipate the moment when a shape will gain its identity you may be able to apply the paint in a carefree manner, knowing that the darks will trim the lighter shape into a meaningful identity. The roof need never be painted, just surrounded.

In the photo below the stones are rich in color and texture. They are also surrounded by dark lines and shapes. Maybe you could create all that detail without having to stay inside the lines. The stones are present by virtue of those dark lines. What if you loosely painted the stains and speckles all over the area where the stones will be and then painted the dark lines and shapes? you would be painting with the faith that the final layer will establish the identity and location of the stones.


Try one or both of these images. Have faith

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