Thursday, January 21, 2021

Intermediate Watercolor Homework 1/21/21 Repetative Texture


How many individual  bricks must be articulated to give the feeling that the stacks are made from many? Is it possible to depict too many? Is there a minimum number? How do you know when you've done enough?
Some of us try to suggest the presence of multiple components of bricks, or grass, or leaves on a tree. Others prefer to paint every unit. 
If we begin by making a general statement we can arrange for everyone to work within their comfort zone

A brick wall starts out as red rectangle. As you  add individual bricks you move closer to the look and feel that satisfies you. To keep from going past the point  it helps to get in the habit of putting down the brush while you still feel it needs a few more. Give it a day or two. It's easy to add more, but hard to take them away.

For homework, pick one or two of these images and practice making fewer strokes or more, in search of what feels right for you.

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