Thursday, October 22, 2020

Intermediate Watercolor Homework, 10/22/20 Dealing with Large Darks

 The little shop in Melaque with the blue and white striped awning offers a great opportunity to fill the large, dark doorways with interpretations of the kind of shapes and colors we see there. We are fortunate to get to study several examples of how all the merchandise can be suggested; Bags of chips, cold drinks, fresh fruit, stuffed animals? For some of us, it's sufficient to make reference to the content of the shop without taking pains to identify each item. Others take pleasure in the process of making sure the viewers know what they're looking at. 

Here are a couple more images that present the same kind of opportunity. Experiment with wet on wet, negative painting, lifting and combinations thereof.Either way, a large part of the task involves using the deep dark spaces to contain the spritely array of forms. If they just look flat black to you,  invent some way to animate the large darks.

Let's keep the submissions to the critique down to one each, and post the others in the ...what's it called; crunchy? Crusty? The photo sharing site.

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