Friday, September 25, 2020

Beginning Homework, 9/24/20 Layers of Soft Edges

Here are a few sky photos and paintings. Use any of these as a guide in your exploration of soft edged clouds. You might also try inventing a sky.

The step by step sequence goes like this:

1)   1) Wet the paper.
You can use a large brush or a soft sponge. Wet one side of the paper or both sides. You can soak the paper in a tub or run it under a faucet. Room temperature water is best. Definitely not hot! The more thoroughly you wet the paper, the longer it will stay wet. For these experiments please aim for all soft edges in the sky. The paper should be shiny but not puddled.

2)    2) Mix up a supply of pale neutral paint. Paint the shadows that appear on the bottom of the clouds.

3)    3) Add more pigment of a color similar to the first layer to get a darker version of the shadows. You don’t need more water for this step. There’s enough on the paper and in your brush. Paint the dark shadows along the bottom edge of the clouds.

4)    4) Wash and lightly dry the brush. It should still have a little water left for picking up some blue and painting the spaces between the clouds. Leave some white space above the cloud shadows. Hopefully, all the edges will come out soft. If you see hard edges before you're done, you can dry the painting and then re-wet the area where you want soft edges.

5)    5) Put some land or water along the bottom of the sky. Here hard edges would be fine.

6)        Send one or two of your skies to Linda.


No blue!? Can you still see this image as layers of pigment on wet paper?


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