Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Beginning Homework 1/15/20 Making a Smooth, Even Wash

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A watercolor wash is made from two or more strokes that touch or overlap.
 A smooth, even wash presents consistent saturation, where the whole shape has the same degree of concentration of pigment. The wash in the illustration is not obsessively perfect, but for my purposes it is "perfect enough". It  has no overlap marks and no blooms, where paint already on the paper is pushed aside by excess water.

                                                  Here's a bloom, usually undesirable

The homework exercise that follows is simple. Draw a rectangle about 4 x 8 inches and paint it as smoothly and evenly as you can. Simple, right? Easy? Maybe.

Make as many attempts as it takes to be able to make a smooth wash dependably. As you experiment to improve your attempts, compile a list of the variables at work. For example,

 1) the angle of the paper
2) mixed color or right from the tube
3) Quality of paper

You may be surprised by the number of variables you discover once you start thinking about it.
Please bring your washes and lists in to class next week.

Have fun

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