Thursday, September 19, 2019

Intermediate Watercolor 9/19/19 Light, Middle, Dark

In terms of  the progression from light to dark, this is a very well-behaved image. You can easily tell what is lighter or darker than what. There really are just 3 values. With a good grip on value, then, perhaps you could play around a bit with color or edge quality.

I see a little more complexity here. It still progresses nicely from light to dark, but with more stops along the way. How few values would you need to keep the feeling of light and space?

Does the tree need to be black? For that matter, does it need to be so tall? What about the range of values in the group of buildings? A bit of adjustment could improve the composition. Limit the palette? Expand the palette!?

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  1. Oh I am so pleased to see new exercises as the Fall class starts in Washington, thank you Tom! We in the far reaches of the nation get a lot out of your generosity with blogging the assignments.
    Helen Wood, Charlotte, NC