Saturday, November 3, 2018

Everybody's Homework 11/2/18 Composition

It was fun watching everyone in class asserting their opinions about changes in composition. Clearly we all have an archive of examples of what works and what doesn't, and a tool kit for putting together solutions.

Here are some images that might benefit from adjustment. Some require removing portions of the composition. Others want the shapes to be moved around, or for there to be fewer shapes, overall.

Vertical or horizontal?

That cloud!?

Off balance? Need permission to move something?  

Look at the relationship between the image and the frame. Also, where's the horizon?

If you wanted to break the symmetry of this image, should you add something or take something away? What about moving something?

What a mess!

Subtle changes...

Making notes as you consider these flawed compositions will help us share thoughts during our discussion in class.
You might want to try out any changes you come up with by making small pencil or pen thumbnail sketches. If you do, please bring them along to show your process. 
Make a simple painted version of one or two of these after you decide what you want to change.
Have fun

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