Thursday, January 18, 2018

Intermediate Watercolor Homework 1/17/18 Looking at the similarities rather than the differences

In class, we began our observation of a fairly complex subject (the jar full of brushes) by looking at it as a single shape. It turned out to be relatively easy to add a bit of color and a few darks to the middle value silhouettes we made and bring forth a decent representation of what could have been quite daunting.

Let's try that same approach with either the image you were using in class or one of the following:

 Paint the overall shape before you start counting individual boards. Chances are you won't need to put them all in.

Squint! See those buildings in the distance on the left? they are trying to be one shape. The lines of parked vehicles are also on the brink of being single shapes.

How many shapes comprise the shady side of the street? Hint: Point at the ceiling and look at your hand.

First, paint the pile, then the logs.

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