Monday, May 15, 2017

Everyone's Homework 5/14 Subtle Values

Whoops! I went off to SoCal for my son's graduation and all thoughts of homework went out of my head. I hope you all found something that made you want to paint.
Here are a few images that rely on close value relationships for their appeal.
I recommend making a 5 value monochrome study as a first step for any of these.

Careful with this one. The barn is "white", but it's not the lightest thing in the picture. How can that be?

You might want to practice that hill in the far background. It looks like grading  it so that the left side is lighter than the right is important.

Maybe move the horizon so it's not in the middle of the page...?

Feel free to make any changes you want after studying the values. When you're ready, choose your palette and make a full color version.


  1. Your suggestions for the the students are impressive and i really hope i ll make such kind of pictures and i ll share with you after making thanks..

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