Thursday, October 27, 2016

Intermediate Watercolor Homework 10/26/16 Color Harmony

 I believe we all have inner resources which we could make good use of as painters, but which we have not learned to trust. Let's try a quick color exercise that requires thinking and feeling in the realm of color choices, and see if it helps tap into the store of knowledge we have built over the years.

Step one:
Mix up a color you like, simple or complex, and make a patch of it on clean paper.

Step two:
Now, mix up a color that clashes with the first one. Don't overthink this. Just go with what your gut tells you. Make a patch of the second color on the same page as the first, but be sure to leave a space between them for a third patch.

Step three:
Make up a color that unifies the first two. Its job is to make a bridge between the two that didn't go
well together.

We may not always agree about dissonance or harmony!


Do this several times, and bring them all in to critique. We will study how and why the bridges work.

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