Sunday, May 8, 2016

Everyone 5/8/16 New Images: Seeing in Layers

I’ve got very limited web access out here, so I hope you’re browsing the blog archives for old posts that engage you. Beginning class, I recommend looking over any that discuss seeing in layers.  If you can’t find any, try looking for images which display obvious light, middle and dark values. Here are a few from Haida Gwaii. You may want to try one in monochrome first.

Identify the major shapes.
Make a simple outline drawing of those shapes.
Block in the first layer for each shape (lights).
Then the middle values.
Then the darks.
Nice work!

Intermediate class, you can be the first to interpret these images. Two of the three look to me like great candidates for being carefree in the early stages. Pay attention to the edges. 

See you all soon.

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  1. Tom, can you contact me, ellen at elleneades dot com. I signed up for your Palouse watercolor weekend and haven't heard from you, and your other domain has expired and I can't reach you by email. Thanks.