Friday, November 1, 2013

Beginning Watercolor Homework 11/1/13

Shape before texture

I imagine some of you would like to make a more personally expressive version of the photo we worked on in class. I would, for one. Whether you repaint that street scene or start a new subject, keep in mind that the shapes are essential, while the texture is optional.
Blue Wall, Methow Valley
Get outside, if you can, and find a scene that can be understood in terms of three or four layers (light, middle, dark, super dark). Working from a photo is fine, too.

Identify the major shapes. These are the ones that need to appear separated in space to promote the illusion of depth.

Paying close attention to relative value, block in the shapes, layer by layer, keeping texture to a minimum.

When the darks have been applied, decide where you want more specific information, and put in texture a little at a time. 

Stop before you think you’ve got enough, and go for a walk. When you come back, if you still feel like the painting needs more detail, give yourself a limit for the number of strokes you will add. Then, if you still want more, give yourself an even smaller ration of additional marks. 

Have fun


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