Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Intermediate Watercolor: Simplifying toward abstraction 9/26/12

Today at Gasworks park you did all the necessary work to learn what the components of a free interpretation of the structures would be. There are 3 layers: Light (vertical rectangles), Dark (vertical, horizontal and diagonal shadow pattern), and calligraphy (thin, dark strokes around the periphery of the major forms).
Using your studies as a guide, try simplifying the layers to the point that they can be seen as patterns at least as much as they describe reality. You may have to let go of the illusion of light and space, but perhaps not.
You're right, this isn't Gasworks, but it illustrates the kind of  refinement I'm imagining. 

Here's the source. Most features were given room to wander, but there were a few that  seemed essential, and were held onto a little more tightly.

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