Saturday, May 12, 2012

Intermediate Homework 5/11/12 Simplifying the figure

Now that the model has gone home, all we have to refer to are the many studies we made in class. Ideally, there are enough of them to inform choices about color, value, wetness and composition without being distracted by the infinite subtlety of the figure standing before us.

Let's tip the form/content scale a bit toward form:

Using your studies as a guide, make a few versions of the pose that begin with letting go of accuracy and subtlety. Choose a variable and make a painting in which, for example, the value range is greatly exaggerated. Or another in which the values are in the ballpark, but the colors are fanciful. Or one where the colors are true, but the edges are all soft. Or all hard.
You get the idea. Have a wild time.

Kim Froshin

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