Thursday, April 12, 2012

Intermediate homework 4/12/12 Where should I depart from accuracy?

The theory behind our class time exercise yesterday is that when you have a clear idea of what you want to emphasize in your interpretation of a scene, you can manipulate the variables to support your intention. One by one, you can ask how you might depart from strict accuracy to enhance the emphasis you are after.
For example, in the photo below, imagine that your primary interest was in the remote setting and the isolation of the boat. How could you alter the color, value. wetness and composition to support your purpose?
Let’s consider composition first.  What effect would changing the orientation have? How about cropping? Would less water emphasize the isolation? More sky? Should you take out one of the fishermen?
You are in charge here, not the image.

Building on the work you began in class, finish asking all the questions that will focus your attention on how to get the most out of the source. Use studies to find the answers, and make a painting when you feel confident that the preliminary work is done.
Have fun.

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