Friday, February 24, 2012

Beginning watercolor homework 12/22/12 refining your image

To sort out what is essential and what is optional in your subject, nothing works better than painting it several times. You get to see which bits bring it to life.
Choose a simple still life object. An onion works, or a mango. You can look around the house for something with a wide range of values (the kitchen is a good place to start), and a simple form. Keep the lighting simple. Sidelight works well. A cast shadow helps create three dimensionality.
Begin with a monochrome value study, in which the subject is radically over-simplified. Where do you need more subtlety? More specificity?
Paint the subject a few times, working toward a version that only includes the most telling strokes. After you've painted several versions, try painting one from memory. Please bring all of your studies to class.
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Have fun.

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