Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Intermediate Watercolor Homework 4/27/11

At what stage of the development of a painting do the lights become clearly delineated? Is it necessary to clarify the specific outlines of each shape right from the start, or can we wait for the darkest darks to do the work? Can this be the job of the mid-value shapes? Are the answers different from picture to picture?
Why did I get involved with watercolor in the first place?

We saw today that a fairly simple mapping of the mid-value shapes can reveal how much they do, image by image, to make clear the narrative content of the picture. If the content remains vague with the mid-tones laid out, then it is likely that the darks are required to finish the story. This suggests that we can stay casual in the application of both the lights and the middle value forms.
If, on the other hand, the content of the picture is mostly defined with only the middle-values in place, then we know they must be applied with some care.

Make a quick study to learn what role the middle values play in your image. Use the information to make a version where you stay very loose as long as possible.
The idea is that once you know which stages of the picture are clarifying what has gone before, you are free to paint the earlier layers playfully.

Have fun.

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