Friday, March 4, 2011

Beginning Watercolor homework 3/4 /11

Remember the 9 variations on a thumbnail sketch from Skip Lawrence's book?  The idea is that you can change the value relationships between the major shapes, to adjust what gets primacy in the image.

 This picture is comprised of basically 3 shapes, foreground, background and sky. The sky grades from middle to light (with light clouds as secondary shapes). The background mountains are middle value superimposed on the light part of the sky. The foreground is dark and light against the middle value mountains.
Can you picture these values rearranged? What if the foreground were light, and the mountains were dark?
If the sky were dark, what would you have to do to get the other shapes to show up?

Choose one of these images, or find one of your own that has just a few major shapes. Look for clear value relationships between the shapes.
Working very small, and in monochrome, make a few variations, with an eye toward how the changes affect where the focus of the picture is.
Take notes.
If you like one variation best, make a bigger color version.
Have fun
Thanks, Skip!

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